Student Catalog

The Jolie Hair Academy Catalog the governing document for all requirements and program information for the Academy. It also specifies rights, responsibilities, and policies and procedures as they apply to academy students.

Course Objectives

Our main objective is to train students in the challenging and fast-growing field of Cosmetology. Students will gain competence in all aspects of the field of cosmetology to include: The study of skin care, nail care, hair care, hair shaping, chemical designing and relaxing, permanent waving and hair coloring, business theory and ethics. Numerous positions are available in the field of cosmetology to include: owner or manager of a salon, the entertainment industries, as well as working as an instructor.

For our program, the following most up-to-date textbook is used:

Backe, J.; Cintron, C.; Fulton, C. J.; DaCosta, D.; Joseph, R.; Kilgore, M. A.; Lees, M.; Morrison, V.; Pierce, A.; Botero, A. R.; Roste, L.; & Williams, R. (2016 Edition). Milady Standard Cosmetology. Cengage Learning

Course Hours

Cosmetology: 1500 CL. Hrs. - Theory: 690 CL. Hrs - Practical: 810 CL. Hrs. - Total: 1500 CL Hrs.

Courses Theory Practical Total
Orientation 60 Hrs. 30 Hrs. 90 Hrs.
Manicuring & Pedicuring 30 Hrs. 45 Hrs. 75 Hrs.
Shampooing & Rinsing 15 Hrs. 15 Hrs. 30 Hrs.
Scalp Treatment 15 Hrs. 30 Hrs. 45 Hrs.
Hair Styling 120 Hrs. 120 Hrs. 240 Hrs.
Hair Cutting 135 Hrs. 175 Hrs. 310 Hrs.
Permanent Waving & Chemical Relaxing 135 Hrs. 190 Hrs. 325 Hrs.
Hair Coloring & Bleaching 120 Hrs. 135 Hrs. 255 Hrs.
Skin Care & Makeup 30 Hrs. 45 Hrs. 75 Hrs.
Wigs, Hairpieces & Related Theory 15 Hrs. 15 Hrs. 30 Hrs.
Salon Management 15 Hrs. 10 Hrs. 25 Hrs.
Total 690 Hrs. 810 Hrs. 1500 Hrs.

Upcoming Courses

Skincare (Basic/Master)

Nail Technology

Eyelash Extensions

Permanent Makeup (tattoo)





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